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Very first time posting after watching for years, we're excited and waiting for comments from dolls and boys, sorry about the photography but I had my forearms full!

my lovely booty.

This is my mature sexy and kinky wifey she loves demonstrating off her figure I think she has an superb ass.If you like these we have many more to post.

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Where is the professor and the skipper? Does anyone want to help me? I am shipwrecked and soo horny. Please send help asap. Any Volunteers? Let me know.Kisses Summergirl

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danke wool die Hitze vorhergehende Kommentare; selbe die negativen; setzen Sie fort hat, mir eine Hitze zu schreiben Kommentare….Sophie

Smooches, *** Vivienne ***

Hi everyone Jill agreed to permit some posts of her. This is the very first set of photos taken. If the comments are good she might permit more.


    Wrote mmm28

    I just detect you on the net and I find it very arousing with your nice butt and assets very appetizing

    Wrote Jortsac78

    i like the loooong tits on the chick in pic Two

    Wrote garret87

    i wanna slurp her feet from toe to heel. her feet look so sexy beautiful arch

    Wrote hobnobgob

    Best contri I've seen in a lengthy while.. from the expression on her face as she slips the big ol vibe into her humid her stiff nips and gigantic tits.....Absolutely AWESOME..and then to finish it off with her spreading her "just used" cu

    Wrote Ladyboylo

    i too sense cheated...i get soo damn hard spinning thru these pics and i just get there and no more pics.please,pretty please send more pics in than just 3,i indeed want to spunk all over this hott lady,but it takes more than Three pics.and where is that sexy

    Wrote bullotto

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, I love her figure. Thanks, Superb

    Wrote SD24

    Oh yes...I've dreamed of that ever since I very first spotted them. Caress, suck, fondle, grope, grab, squeeze, sense, caress, tweak, pull, pinch, tug, twist, gobble, nibble, smooch, and anything else we can think of...

    Wrote stallion58

    Vagina at its best! Superb by any measure. Not only do you have a brilliant cunt but beautiful skin and pert breasts and nips. Becky, you are the total package of perfection.

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    Would do her rear end as she sucked you

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    Well, that was flawless. How can you do more?

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    luv to see the urinate shots and would luv to slurp her dry after she urinates on my hard dick

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    Wrote bigkahones

    Have to ask the same question as that a drop milk on her right nipple?

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    Can't believe you let other guys fuck her. Would love to be next.

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    i love her gams

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    friggin hot titties! want to share wifey

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    not a thai figure.

    Wrote cmecum69

    She's indeed sexy. I'd love to trade ex-gf pics with you.

    Wrote gimmi69

    oh yes That pic has me wanting in in every way.

    Wrote dillet

    Hope you liked doing this contri as much as I did watching ;-))

    Wrote tallaznboy

    Your gonna get your face punched in by one of these chicks boyfriends one day

    Wrote bbc4149

    thanks for the post you are a buetifuel women

    Wrote happyguy4

    give it up for christsake

    Wrote tomass123

    Nice bank....can I make a deposit?

    Wrote nincal

    not that much is demonstrating butt it's REAL VOYEURISM, candid and nicebut butt peeking out..breasts not bad at all.but also love the looks on their faces

    Wrote ksenon

    ma ti vorrei vedere in RC in azione!

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    nice bod, stupid tattoos

    Wrote belgianlynx

    did those fake penises come from a yard sale?

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    I truly don't think demonstrating her face would make much difference unless you were the most desperate motherfucker on the planet.

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    Same pic of a phat chick posted Ten times. BOOOOORing.

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    Wrote Globetrot

    Nice for the age, but I was thinking "Put down the fudge bar".

    Wrote duesx

    More please, lots more.

    Wrote bigkev69


    Wrote BuddelSch

    30 years. Thats something to be proud of. I always see people in the forum asking for advice on that front. You should share what keeps it going.

    Wrote jaroslawt

    Lovely contri! I'd love to see her let her hair down...very sexy lady!

    Wrote naughtyho

    Well done. You can just sense she has made a lot of boys blessed over the years. Keep at it, my wifey is over 40 and likes adding one or folks to her count every year!

    Wrote Lacura

    Lovely eyes and smile. Thanks for sharing.

    Wrote blackange

    It's amazing how these boards are utter of guys who never post pictures of their women but bash the women that do......and utter of guys who bash women for not flashing their faces while not displaying their own. Isn't that the definition of ironic?

    Wrote privatefo


    Wrote biffa

    love her gams and feet.nice suck able toes.;-)

    Wrote akwiesla

    Truly you are a beautiful woman..perfect figure and such a pretty face!! Thanks for sharing !

    Wrote maximaler6

    Hey Aussie Mum, you don't have anything to be ashamed of. after three kids I'd more then lose my form. The only bit of advice I'd pass along is not to look so stiff. Be playful and have joy with the shots. There is nothing more beautiful

    Wrote papachipan

    We love your contri. Very very sexy, even tho it didn't display a entire lot. Thanks for posting and please proceed to

    Wrote oneorigin


    Wrote Excitement

    Just in general it is so interesting with ladies that they have nothing inbetween their gams, isn't it

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    Lovely little butt.

    Wrote suuperlover

    ideal arch and form, thanks

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    Que culo! esta para comerselo ;-) mas por favor :-)Un beso en las ( o Y o ) y otro en el ( Y )

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    hot female, awful camera angles, dude grab a playboy, and duplicate some poses.. she is worth finer

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    I keep coming back to this contri...

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    AWESOME....Love those mature woman & their lovely faces & hot body...Send more..

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    You fucking halfwit!

    Wrote dougie93

    I too wish I had been around. I'm the dude who a while back used to comment using the nickname, "I wanna fuck with U. I would love to suck your titty and after eating them and working my way down to gobble your kitty, I want to fuck around with you.

    Wrote KnightUnd

    From these photos, I hope that naked is your state of sundress 24/7.

    Wrote barnycr

    Now i know what is the flawless ass....sublime assets

    Wrote JayAitch

    oh yes sure should expose more sugar...if I eyed you and ever caught your eye...I'd be tonguing my lips very leisurely at you. To flash you how much I desired to taste you. ummmmmmmmmmm

    Wrote fuzzy_t

    Hubby and I love your beautiful figure, and your gorgeous breasts!Thanks!

    Wrote zebzjuice

    I'm sure the government of Austria appreciates your effort to demonstrate foreigners that yours is not a country of insane kidnappers! :D Thanks for the pictures, beautiful!

    Wrote xaviercha

    I want to see your vagina lips, fully spread and up close and your clittie spandex hood pulled back.

    Wrote focusboy

    Love the tats!!!

    Wrote Metalhorner

    very nice looking set of tits

    Wrote m_lvs2_pl

    Keep It UP !! :)

    Wrote bobsmith14

    Dr. Pooh says: on a scale of 1-10, this lovely honey is an 11!! Superb bod and attitude .. LUV those natural sexy tits for sure ... luv the lips (both sets) and her attitude .. Please post more with less contrast lighting so al can spycam her wonderful

    Wrote itsjustme

    are fatter than U. She does'nt want U in her donk, can't even sense it.


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