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We woke up and the day was soo beautiful we determined to go to the strand and have some joy doing what we like best. Taking pictures and make love all day lengthy.

loved doing this one

We determined to attempt something different for a switch. This is only one of the ideas we came up with. I hope you love the pics. Thanks for all the wonderful comments on our preceding contris.

for bill and stillhard

Bathroom pics of my wifey, it' took a lot of wooing to get these posted. Very first timer and shes very timid, so lots of nice comments would be excellent. From Toronto area

Posing just for joy

As timid as I thought my Sami was, her eagerness stunned me. She had a lot of joy, and we will post again briefly. She can't wait for comments.

just a few of my sexy gf

These are some pictures I took this past summer on a hot date with my man! I can't wait for Summer again! Hope these warm you up!! Smooches Kimmy


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    A mi tambien me gusta que se haga fotos para ti y nos las ensenes.

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    I love the nurse and I'm in need of help from her for a turgid member of my body!

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    very sexy peggy. love your pics. your such a natural beauty. please post pics of thet beautiful arse. i would love to pics of that a well as your tits.

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    Excellent pic`s, very sexy can`t wait for more. perhaps more puss and butt shots

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    Just fell out of a tree

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    " r " is Roberto from Italy

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    Geile Braut!!!

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    Nicer than the last shoot when I thought you'd be finer off staying in med school. Switched my look real hot this time! Superb curves..yeah..a man's delight.

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    I'd like you to get on your knees and unzip my fly and take my penis in your frigs and direct it into your mouth. I could sense how experienced you are with your mouth, and how much you hanker penises. My jizz-shotgun is soft at very first, but you are proud to perceive it grow in your mouth. My hard-on is thick and your lips are compelled to ream around it. You have trouble fitting it, but that excites you. I can reach down and sense those indeed nice tits. Very first one with one palm, then the other. Sensing and squeezing them hard. Gorgeous tits...

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    I'd love to see that caboose bouncing on movie on HC.

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    Good pics ruined by bad face blurring. There are MANY MANY finer ways to blur faces. Please learn about them. Model is worth petter pics

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    My that's one helluve big pussy..can you perceive anything? I know a pony you might sense

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    Pic not that acute, need a smile. Not a bad looking lady at all. I call this Amature!!! Just like what this site is made for. Supreme attempt Carol, please post more!!!!!

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    What a beautiful back door it is! You are a very fortunate fellow!

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    superb body! Nice boobies sen me other pics thanks

    Wrote auggie

    Ok, Dr.J...but you didn't leave your email ;-)

    Wrote gggaddicted

    Strike it off for us.

    Wrote throatfil

    I agree, she is naughty!!! Love those boobs....would love to see more of her

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    You are a very beautiful and sexy chick. Thank you for the pictures. Please send more.

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    Simply STUNNING! Please send more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dan

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    All I can say is that you're so beautifull and flawless that I sense in love :)

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    I`d LOVE to hasty forward you 30 yrs from now with all your fancy tattoos all faded and YOUR sagging skin!!!!!!!!!LMAO

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    butterface picsgreat tits tho.

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    Okay Brian, she's a very HOTT damsel and you are obviously smitten with her but you have a reputation as a fair and equal time pervert. The rest of us perverts are counting on you to showcase all the Beauties from NAP. Keep up the good work, XOXO BamaGirl

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    Superb! Just love your big sleek snatch lips...MORE please.

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    Wrote bestundre

    Love and have fun!!!

    Wrote Foreigner

    "You know when they say not to make faces because your face will freeze like that? They're not kidding!"

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    shes hot. dont listen to bashers,most of them are queer

    Wrote falsktnavn

    mooie foto's,waarvoor een dikke proficiat. Er mogen er nog heel veel volgen. Spijtig genoeg kan ik de plaats niet herkennen. Zou wel eens graag komen kijken. Dikke kus op je mooie kutje

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    ID PUT YOUR Bootie ON A DIET!!!

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    Taut sweet butt. One word describes your fabulous donk 'PERFECT'.

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    like the spread beaver but dont over do it with the art aspect of the game lets see you get fucked

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    wow...those are hot pictures...there is something about eyeing a hard-on sliding out of a pair of soft undies that is sexy

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    Dabei hätte ich Dir gerne geholfen

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    Beautiful butt and vagina ,,but we need a lot more than Three pics and flash the front

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    Superb shots Mega, please post more, and more often!

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    Gorgeous body!! You have dynamite legs!! Hope you post more.. Thanks

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    How can you leave a cold drink on the nightstand sans a coaster?

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    WOW,very nice,gotta love those M&M's.

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    need some of that last chick in swimsuit or bra-less

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    So obese police formerly stomachpump wants to accuse me of being someone else. Prove it. You just admitted to being who you are, there's my proof. I keep telling you I have no idea who this Dan is, but you sure seem determined to keep calling me him. So prove I'm him. Like I said, I'm sure there are lots of people on this planet who think you deserve to have your head ripped off.

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    your such a hot little thing!! Let's see more

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    sei sempre bellissima...

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    And totoo is just resentful because the FBI keeps him from eyeing the type of cabooses he'd choose to see . . . he Truly hates that entire Megan's Law thing.

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    Hi Caudia Your Absolutely stunning!!!!! Voluptuous Body! Beautiful Boobs!! Awesome Ass!! brilliant Pussy!!! Pretty face. :) ;) Like to make you durty again!!! I hope to see MUCH more of you!!! Maybe you could even e-mail me? With love from Belguim

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    Gringo? The Dominican Republic speak spanish?


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