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This is our very first attempt at posting at Naturists. Just a few braless and nude pics of my sexy latina wifey. Please comment and more will ensue.

Love, Smooches, Viko

I took a series of shots in different undergarments and am attempting to determine which is sexiest. Let me know what you think. This very first set is the "purple" set.

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Miami Playa Gf This is just a little taunt of my beautiful gf. If you give good comments I am sure I can talk her into submitting more unveiling pics next time


After a lengthy shift at work, D needs to unwind a bit. We love all the comments we get and love you guys getting off on our pics!

Good morning tigers.

Hi all thank for your the good responses from Carree's last posting. We still trade with the ladies and good looking couples. Let us know what you think.


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