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Oh, and if you can't say something nice, just don't say anything at all...if you do, we'll all know you didn't learn anything from your parents...


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    Stupid pics. What is the point jackass?

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    If you ever need a photographer. I live right near Ford Lake. I can help with pictures or anything else you need.

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    i kno everyone else is calling you a lucky man....well you are i don't think my wifey would ever do anything like that for my birthdayand their both hot as hell!

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    Hi pkr...One of the kids had a meeting tonight...I was bored, so thought I would say hi! :). And babe...I like it when YOU pop in! ;).

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    Get ready for all the closet homos to comment about how this is queer. One's already here. Hmmmm.

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