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Hot contributions

Thank you for all the supreme comments for my very first contri. So here is the prize, me totally in the nude. I hope everyone loves the Bath contri, I just love getting wet!

and from the back

Howdy, hi - thanks again for a superb reception for my in one of my sexy evening dresses. This time I thought just a hooter-sling with me leisurely peeling it off might be just as good. Hope you agree. xx

Heres Di cuming all over.

For the beautifulgirls of Naturists I'm sending some more outside pictures. I love the comments and look forward to reading them. Anybody go to Blacks Playa or Desert shadows?

getting unclothed

I love my 75 year old wife's tits. I have had these for 50 yrs and still love them. To those negative guys. I know what I have. Fuzzy

Alice with friend

1-St Time Shooting In Sauna - This is our very first time in this site. Hope You'll like our fotos. You can vote as You wish. CU next time


    Wrote richie64

    if you get to souther calif, we will get guys to pose with you!

    Wrote Damon71

    Fine Pics!!!! Sexy as hell.

    Wrote mandalkata

    Glad you did not showcase her face. If it looks like the rest of her

    Wrote cromwell2

    I do like everything I see, would love to see the face. I know it is wonderful since there was the traces of a wonderful smile around your blur. It is so nice to see a woman with desires that is a little mature......many woman lose it and it never comes

    Wrote Boiler

    My vote is for the most brilliant woman I have ever seen. God I bet you taste good.

    Wrote CallmeHappy

    I would love to taste your cootchie honey Kelsey. Superb sexy shots.

    Wrote wd99

    wowee gran you look damm nailable girl,u got this man rod throbbin Four sum self pleasure:-))

    Wrote asdator1

    good whores

    Wrote nando777

    sweet vulva n ass! now let's see the entire package...

    Wrote playboy380

    Your lovely big tits!

    Wrote georgeunh

    Honey please don't get sand in my lunch box.

    Wrote whiteslut

    nice puffies anymore pics

    Wrote KarlVonWi

    Wow Deluxxxe, you look great!!! Its about time you submitted this, we've all been waiting :o). Emily you did a good job with the photography and posing Deluxxe :o). Cant wait to see both of you!!!

    Wrote rudiger98

    I am in love andyou must know you have a devotee in Paris

    Wrote jasperjack

    Looks like you have supreme Titties ...Show them off !

    Wrote aqualoon

    Absolutely a hot body! OMG the things that went thru my head of what I would like to do with you! Thanks for the fantasy. And please please don't ever let that vagina get covered in hair. You are SUPERB

    Wrote str8ish

    Thank you. The only thing sweeter than looking at you would be eating & meating you my dear.

    Wrote bionce

    shat a hairy mess you should rethink feminine sensuality

    Wrote cunde

    Day afterwards after the manstick or the going knuckle deep orgasm? too bad we can't see

    Wrote alex447

    Alice my pretty, I would love to give it a shot (no pun intended) of attempting to cover those gorgeous tits with one geyser of cum! Can I huh? Can I? Can I?

    Wrote grossebit

    very sexy and joy I like it. purpledragonone

    Wrote migele

    It's fairly demonstrable your wifey loves to be photographed but do you ever share? Superb Lady and photos.

    Wrote oldfredy

    God I hate sand in my food.

    Wrote Cuban1975

    Your bod deserve every

    Wrote madoalex8

    Pretty, would love to see some melons or somethin'

    Wrote nice_guy_

    Very sexy, but trim the pubic hair just a little

    Wrote pellaeon

    SOooo pretty!!

    Wrote paladino190

    wow wonderful minutes

    Wrote vin_jordan

    What an incredible ass! Looking forward to liking those succulent tits too!

    Wrote godgiven

    Hi Katrina: WOW & Fabulous! Supreme Pictures... I just LOVE a Shaven Nude Lady in Public! Keep it UP! Looking forward to see more of YOU! Please reply to: Greetings from Canada... Peter

    Wrote xerondf

    Monika - you have a wonderful sense of escapade in the diversity of your shows you are bold, courageous and a risk taker, a beautiful sexy woman and very engaging one in that! I love the form of your bod, toned, nice tits and indeed take care of yourself. Your smile knocks me out! As a photographer I love taking photos like yours and enhancing the story they tell thru creative editing using hidden cam effects, keyholes, open doors, etc.. I've done so with a duo of yours. I'd love to share them with strings affixed. Hope to hear from you and see more of you in the future. You have a beautiful body! Tom -

    Wrote JJxpp63tyy

    Don't abandon coming back Nichole, you look supreme.

    Wrote falco3rn

    this is brilliant for you, also.

    Wrote meeeer

    You tart, I would fuck you with my fake penis and let you scream for more. Added feature is to put a magic wand up your about it?

    Wrote lefty_tur

    they are hot but you make thim VERY VERY HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

    Wrote nordicwolf

    A sensuous and delicious photo series, very well done. I just adore that yummy figure of her's, and would love to explore it with thumbs and tongues. Keep up the fine work, she's a doll!!!

    Wrote fuckomania

    Fuck me!!! Dont let it be the last!!! Thats an amazing body!!!

    Wrote BIGDATJO

    Such a BEAUTIFUL Utter WOMAN

    Wrote PaulRHector

    Music fellates. Who needs that to see what this is offering?

    Wrote winpanzie

    love #3 & 5-yummy

    Wrote phunky_wa

    I mean, come on trim, you ruined the display.

    Wrote Ickebinz

    You should have concentrated more on the sexy lady on the right in #1 and on #10. Get it right from now on!

    Wrote ArdentJim


    Wrote dessous


    Wrote juicecouple

    ultimately, someone with imagination and tits....

    Wrote lustnoppe1

    Jack again here from Wisconsin

    Wrote Travis_Bi

    I'm a face & eyes man, but you look so sexy, stunning, gorgeous & desireable, the face MUST match. It's nice watching a genuine lady with class who can be so hot sugary & sultry with taste. You inspire fantasies. Bill (sabretooth3@hotm

    Wrote mudi_boy

    It's been a lengthy time! I love watching her going to couch with so many boys. She's so pretty and sexy, she makes them all perceive truly truly good. Such has such a supreme thicket and cunt. Such a beautiful, shaft thirsty woman. I'm glad she liked his rock hard jizz-shotgun.

    Wrote Bertie54

    that turns you on !!

    Wrote gent777

    Ma tu sei stupenda!!! *________________*

    Wrote artemis85

    you can come and bost me anytime hot stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wrote sparkyj

    I can't believe you stopped fucking her lengthy enough to take pictures.

    Wrote rjzone2000

    Gorgeous!! Just loving your smile (and tits, and ass), pretty much everything to be fair. I agree with Sparky - PERFECT!!

    Wrote Guitar-man

    A real woman! You look like joy.

    Wrote bavarius13

    You say "funny," Alejandra. I say "waste of time."But please come back when you are ready to pose nude sans hiding behind props.

    Wrote comliment

    Post saucy ones in RC plz

    Wrote maximmaxi

    Hope your vulva is just as sweet and delicious

    Wrote BosniA

    You can contact me @ ""

    Wrote bumonion

    Love the freckles. Supreme bod. More please!!!

    Wrote jamesband

    Don't even THINK of coming back here with your blurry photos.

    Wrote Scotsman99

    thx you Lexi for sharing assets, sorry that someone insulted you, disappointed we will not see more of you .. PEACE BE WITH YOU

    Wrote Droski

    Yeah, real joy. What a hoot.I can't believe how joy that is.I never knew what real joy was. Awesome.

    Wrote forcedelta6

    Lovely round bum just brilliant

    Wrote cos34m

    What A gorgeous figure. I wish you had sent many more. That is just A taunt. Hope you send more very briefly. If you send us some we will send ours.

    Wrote thicklick

    nice sock, gross silver, ouch

    Wrote deballen1

    lots and lots of public here. you are a good hider. you frightened someone would see you. and thanks for hiding your face, too. we would be panicked if we eyed it. let them see your face at Jenny Craig's.

    Wrote mjc8860

    Not in Brisbane per chance? Nice..

    Wrote diyguy

    Gran bel corpicino, e gran bel davanzale davvero.

    Wrote MadisonSc

    id love to fuck her, sexy larger assets.

    Wrote Ejaculates

    This is, sans a doubt, the worst post I've ever seen.

    Wrote Ironlungs27

    but I voted less than that. This is the worst photography ever!!! You flash her face in one photo and then have her hide in the others. Every single photo is horribly blurred.

    Wrote FireFight

    sei incredibilmente stupenda!!! la migliore di tutte!!!

    Wrote kroymen

    Superb post and she looks like a very she was very sated. Would love to see her naked. She has got a supreme bod, how about showcasing it off to us.


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