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Hot contributions

Thanks for all of the good comments last time...well the fucktoy was out again...but some of you dreamed to see other things too! Once again comments welcome

getting into the bathroom.

Hey guys, these are some leftover photos from the set posted on Sept.23. The comments were superb, thanks to all who voted. These have more shots of her butt, so love.

Comments welcome.

M Jizz gimp is on vacation and I told her I would post every pic that she sends me. I hope You like and this is the very first of many.


Wifey thought I was texting while she lotioned up. Always wondered what others would think of my beauty. 46 and looking good to me.

My beautiful model

Platinum-blonde Cutie - It was good to see the many positive comments on the World Champ Wrestler? (Posted Sept 2nd) I've only got one more of her, but this ash-blonde cutie truly caught my eye..


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    Be very carefull not to squat down on some Poison Ivy.

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    They look cut out and none of the plants leave shadows on the bod.

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    Katie you're good. I'd do everything to have you in front of my camera. you look so damned well. Shall we attempt to get in contact? Please contact madema@skynet.beand have a hot summertime.Love and kissesMarc

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    Wow DD havent seen you post inawhile have been a aficionado of your pixfor a lengthy time hope to see more like these would love to see thecreampie from these pix and from other shoots Thanx for sharingME in MD

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    Glad you're not THAT BASHFUL:)

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    Very nice Anna, but too brief, was just getting into it when it ended. Pls send more, you are a

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    WOW,Your puppies are so succulent. I would love to see the Beaver now.... But it is delicious looking ? Bobtongueman4u

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    Ms. Glenda, perfection. No we are all lucky bastards, we get to stare on your beauty. Hank -

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    What a killer figure OMG beautiful! I agree that women DO get nicer with age and I hope more think like you. Please send more pics....Joe

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    I love your pics very much. You have a nice bod, and your whorey bitch attitude is a turn on. I like how you like to display off your charms and much you like to suck so many different studs. Thanks for the many pics and I hope many more.

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